Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 15 - Ana's story

funny story were at lunch one day and heard a weird cow noise...
like not a normal cow noise turns out it had a baby

Chicks painted Easter colors

Pink chick - completely toxic.....only lives for a week...but cute.

photo de mi and Ana and the Princesa Crisley con la ojos azul!
i wont lie Ana broke my heart.
we met her locked outside of her home waiting for someone with the keys. we gave her a book of Mormon and she took it with interest. her ex kept coming around and it was amazing how the spirit just vanished when he was around. she kept asking for help and we even broke the sabbath once because she had no money, food or diapers for her little one...she used and abused our caring hearts....
 she was doing so well and she was attending church and reading the scriptures. turns out she wasnt interested ....she wanted financial assistance and used us for such. grrr. she was so close to the truth when one day she jsut skipped town. never heard from or saw her again,