Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Almost done

It has been a very long struggle to try and finish my papers.  I can definitely say it hasn't been easy or a breeze in the park. The Lord promises great rewards and with such brings great struggle from Lucifer.

I am so close to finishing my papers! The one thing I have really learned is that The Lord's time is the most important timing there is! I just have to keep trusting that he knows what is best for me in all things and once I trust that fully I then have to agree with his choices for me. This has always been the hard part. I have never been good with agreeing with his choices. I just keep praying and studying and working on fully preparing myself for the exact obedience of a mission.

I am hitting submit this week so let's pray that it is a swift process and the Lord is merciful to my prayers to help me receive a call to teach his wonderful children in this world.

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