Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Writing the Acceptance Letter (and other firsts)

   So Once I finally stopped screaming, jumping, crying and calling every single contact in my phone it was time to get serious and write my acceptance letter. I believe that  this is something that should be personal to you and something that you should really think about before writing! If you are lucky and have friends like me that have already written them ask them what is appropriate or what they wrote to give an idea of what should and should not be placed in this letter.

  Essentially this letter is you telling the general authorities that you accept this call and that you are going to serve where they have assigned you. I haven't really heard of anyone declining a call...
  So make sure that you literally accept the call and then just kind of write your testimony of the kind of missionary you want to be and or feel you will become through this call.

I feel like at some point the wording looks pretty similar on all of them as long as you don't write word for word someone's letter. Just let the spirit guide you personally to the right words and your letter will be pretty flawless! Since Today is Wednesday and I got my call Saturday ( no regular church Sunday) I will be getting it to my bishop this coming Sunday and yes even though your portal asked for an electronic copy you still need to write the paper form and get it endorsed and sent out to the Mission Headquarters.

Here is a copy of my acceptance letter. I show you mine only for reference please pray carefully and write your own letter.

Dear Brethren
 I am grateful and pleased to accept this amazing call that you and The Lord have asked of me. I am so excited to serve in the Ecuador Guayaquil South Mission. I know that this was extended through the Lord, and truly an inspired call. I know the Lord has full faith in me to teach the wonderful words of his gospel to his children. I also know that I am fully capable and ready to serve in the amazing country of Ecuador. 

I am excited to begin studying the gospel in the Spanish Language, but  I know that the Lord has and will continue to guide me in my endeavors! I will continue studying Preach My Gospel,  reading my scriptures, and praying to prepare for this amazing journey ahead of me. I know that this gospel is true. I know that this is the True Church and that Jesus Christ is the son of our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful to be given this sacred calling and I pray that I may have his Spirit to be with me. I pray that I may be strong enough to stand as a witness at all times, in all things, and in Ecuador of all places. I will continue to remain worthy of the Holy Ghost's promptings and I pray that I may be led by the Spirit to find those that the Lord has prepared me to teach. 

Thank you for this inspired calling and knowledge that this is where I am meant to serve. Also thank you for your constant example of faith in Jesus Christ.


Sister Rachel Dugan


 If you are like me and leaving the country for the first time be prepared to stress and stress and stress about your passport and visa! Don't be afraid to expedite everything! ( more money but hey ON TIME to the MTC!)  It's extremely important that this be the first thing taken care of because without your passport you are not going to make it to your assigned Mission. You shall become the dreaded~~~~VISA WAITER~~~~ ( in my case I wont even make it to the MTC)

Also  take care of your license/ driving record early in advance because if you are anything like me ( i have 2 months and 3 days) that takes weeks of time and that's something we just don't have the luxary of!!!

Last but not least- talk to your bank! Make sure that your travel plans are known and that if you have any loans or outstanding debt that it gets taken care of pronto!!!

Ok I will give you more advice as I get it!
  Much Love,
Hermana Dugan

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