Thursday, December 11, 2014

I made it a week

Our elders - anderson, cagle, brodowski, collins, smith and fisher!!!
Hola!!!!!!!  SURPRISE!!!!!!! IT´S THURSDAY!!!!!
My p-day is Juevos!
Until I leave Jan 13! 
Also it only takes a week to send a letter WITH AN ENVELOPE TO the ccm address con USA stamps!!! PLEASE SEND LETTERS!!!!!!
I love you so much this week has been so freaking stressful but it´s been the best tambien!
So I got here on wWednesday and my roommate was Hma Reed she is so funny! Well she was waiting for her real compañeara who was named Hma Duncan there has been a lot of confusion about that!!! Well on Thursday both me and Hma Reed were alone so we just became that day compañeara so we were fine! that afternoon we got called to the office and were told that my real comp. went to now me Hma Reed AND Hma Duncan are in a trio!

 We are sooo much better now and it´s true if you can make it to Domingo you can make it exito!

So we live in CASA 17 with 7 girls who all came in on the 3rd. Hma Ettinger = Ecuador Quito North Hma Hubner = is going back to th statees Hma Halleua going back to the states along with Hma Ferguson Hma Vargus and Hma Cole con me y mi compañearas. It´s really cool!!! 

My comps and I are in Distrito 13A and we are the solo hermanas!!!!! CRAZYYYYYY over 25 elderes y 3 hermanas!!!

Our Sister Training Leaders who left Monday to Honduras.
Left to right: Hmas Oram, Naegle, Reed me and Duncan.
 We have taught our first 5 lessons ( fake invetigador) con lots good and lots bad and finally nuestras  know how to enseñar a Lección in ESPANOL!!!!
 My Spanish is coming, having two fluent comps helps ALOT!!!!!!

My first few days were super stressful but I have gotten into a really happy positive pattern and hope to continue with it!!!! 

It´s been amazing mama! It´s so full of spirit and our Branch Presidencia con Presidente Suarte really cares!!! They really helped when we were first struggling to get along! But Monday we got locked out of our casa and had inventory it was muay importante!!!!!! It´s cleared the air and we are much more successful juntos!

So Tuesday Hma Reed and I got super sick!!!! SOUR STOMACH THE CULPRIT UNDER COOKED POTATOES. We are all better and finally back to our normal selves yet we have trust issues with the papas now hahahaha! But the food is really good usually the comedor tries soooo hard to give us American food and on Tuesday it´s Costco Pizza night!

Me, Hms Reed Ferguson, Vargus and Halleau.

So the weather is just like california COLD morning and hot afternoon. I wish I had brought a better hoodie but I shall survive since it´s only 5 weeks and then off to humidity!!!!

Our zone 13 is just freaking amazing they are all really strong elders and they could be spiritual giants if they learned to pay attention in clasa!!

So some fun facts canons go off ALL the time and since we are in districts it becomes a little bit of hunger games jokes!! people whistle that tune and raise their hands... Also tomorrow is some sort of celebration for the Virgin Maria and there are a ton of fireworks all the time!!!
The campus is HUGE!!!! and yet we have very little people here it´s really nice because all the workers here are from here and really easy to talk to and it´s super nice to just go up to someone and practice español! 

Me and mi compañeara = Hma Reed - dark hair and Hma Duncan red head :D
Our district studies in Joseph F. Smith room 506! It´s really cool all the buildings are named after profetas!!!

I love you!!!!!
Rach - Hma Dugan

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