Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Travel and arrival

Hi everyone!

It´s 8:37 pm here and that was the craziest day of traveling ever! I am trying not to use a lot of punctuation because this keyboard confuses me something awful!!!! Two hermanos picked me up from the airport!  I WAS THE ONLY ONE!!!!! I thought there would be more of us but nope just me and I was the only picked up!!!  The Mexico City airport is utter chaos!!!! I got through immigration just fine but then waited for my luggage and low and behold they were not there!!! Well some other lady waiting two mentioned the word Atlanta and the worker pointed her to another baggage claim...there they were!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooooohooooo It took an hour to drive to the CCM and I dont even have my name badge yet but I made it! My stuff made it and I am feeling like a fish out of water......I DONT KNOW SPANISH!!!!!! hahahahhaha kindergarten all over, Mom!!!

The House
By the way the drivers here are crazy!!! There is a giant wall around the CCM I figure its to keep the world out and us in hahaa

And the first question asked to me at the CCM and  I quote, "Mi gusto pizza, Hermana?"

Ok I love you all be safe and you shall hear from me very soon!!!!

Keep the faith stay strong!!!! I love you!!!!!
Hermana Dugan  :)

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