Thursday, December 11, 2014

Things I have loved and missed

My room. I'm the bottom on the right. Reed is on
top of me and Duncan is on the other side on the bottom.
To answer some questions my companions are so great they just want me to succeed in Español so much!!! The Lord has blessed me with having two hermanas because when one is being dificíl i can just go to the otro! It´s so great! Hma Reed and I just click!!!!! Soooo much! it´s muay perfecto!! but Hma Duncan and I butt heads sometimes because we are both very strong willed and want differencia objetivos, but she is still super great!!!!

 I shall miss them in 5 weeks!
 I am the only one in the district not going back to the USA.

Ok some things I wish I had but can´t get because we can´t get packages:

Uno- my hoodie! It is soo cold in the morning it´s just like California and I miss having a hoodie haha
Duos- Febreeze sometimes I don't want to wait to do my laundry to wear the same cardigan or bra hahahahahha
Tres- Sprite!! they have this soda called Frukta- it´s lemon lime but it´s not the same!!!
Cuatro- more things from home

 Some things that I have loved while being here:

Uno - Bueno Bars they are made by the company of Nutella and they are a nutella ferror roche twix bar!!!!! SOOOOOO BUENO!!!!!!!
Duos- language study when I get to enseñar con Elder Fisher and see what I really learned ;D
Tres- the leccions donde i can actually speak full conversations in Español!!!
Where I study
Cuatro - our teacher Hmo Carmona!! he is such a great teacher!!!

Where I live.
Also just so you know the gift of tongues is sooooooo real!!!! I can totalyl testify! I came here with no Español and I have taught con mi hermanas CINCO FULL Lecciónes in Español! There is nothing like this place! But I do miss you! I am so happy to be here and to be a part of this wonderful place the teaching is hard but worth it!!! I couldn´t do this without the knowledge that you are cheering me on! It´s been easy to lose myself in the work hopefully more pictures will come this week!!!

I gotta go but  I just want to leave you with my testimony!!

   Yo sé que Dios es amoroso! Yo sé que Dios nos envio a la tierra para aprendar y proguesar.Y Dios preparo un plan para ayundarnos a regresar con Él. Yo sé que la Iglesia es inspirado de Dios y Jesucristo. esta Creencia me ayuda a tener esperanza! Esta conocimiento me ayuda a superar desafios y vivir feliz! En el nobre de JesuCristo, Amen!

Hermana Dugan (which the latinos pronounce dew-ghin hahahaha) it´s great!!!
 love ya!!!!!

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  1. Rachel, you sound good and you're a good writer in Spanish! Three sisters sounds like a challenge that will prepare you for anything! Lots of patience and turn taking. I always find something I like about everyone and that keeps me happy. I don't like feeling uncomfortable with someone. I love you and I'm so proud of your testimony and work. See you soon!